Chuck Davis Restorations

Norton Manx – This is a Molnar Manx everything has been recreated, they are very unreliable when trying to get maximum horsepower

Harley Davidson XRTT 750 – These are Vintage Racers, you can still order a new engine from Harley Davidson.

Ducati 350 – I built as a road racer for myself, it was bought it for display and has never been ridden

Kawasaki Kx400 with LOP liquid cooled head , Let me know if you have ever seen one of these.

Aermacchi Build

Harley Davidson SX250 – Very fast and very fast to break down.

Harley Davidson 90cc – trail SXT90

1979 Honda CR250 – Elsimore Red Rocket

Yamaha R5 Frame – with a 1968 DT1 engine, another bike I built for myself to race, now sits in a museum, has never been run.

Hello to all – and Thank You for visiting my site – Chuck Davis Restorations

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 6 years old. That was over fifty years ago. From that time on I have
never stopped riding. I have raced in many types of competitions.

With my racing I have been able to visit a lot of the country and race at many famous tracks – Daytona
International, Mid-Ohio, Sonoma, Road America, Road Atlanta, Talladega, Barber Motor Sports, Miller
Motor Sports and other smaller tracks.

Throughout my life I have been restoring, buying and selling bikes to fund my racing addiction. During
that time period I have restored hundreds of bikes.

With this site I am creating my own visual museum showcasing some of my favorite bikes from the time
I started taking pictures. As you will see I have owned, built and restored many very rare and custom
bikes. With this site there is a range of over seventy years of motorcycle history.

Through the road-racing period I have had help from a very good friend, Keith Campbell. Take the time
to look at his website – Vintage Memories and Hourglass Racing.

I have another friend in Southern California, Brad Boyle, owner of Brad Boyle Motorsports. At this time
he is building his own motorcycle museum. Brad has given me permission to use the pictures of the
bikes that I have restored for him.

Thank you,

Chuck Davis

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